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Protecting Your Sleep

Protect Your Sleep Pic 1

Protect Your Sleep Picture 1

Sleep, is it really needed? Why do you need help Protecting Your Sleep? Allegedly, if you find a way to actually get enough sleep it decreases your chances of developing certain medical conditions and reduces your chance of worsening heart disease. Wow, so impressive. Research has shown that getting adequate amounts of sleep can actually help lower your chances of gaining weight because you will actually be alert and willing to exercise. Here’s another fun fact, if you sleep well your mood will be altered. Such mood alterations will inevitably affect your work and home life as you’ll be more productive and more pleasant to be around. This research is clearly discriminatory to grouches. 

Can you believe this, risk factors for heart disease (i.e. anxiety & depression) and erectile dysfunction are never associated with getting the appropriate amounts of sleep.  Clearly, advocates of good sleep is really piling on the sweet talk. 

But who are we to tell you whats’s good for you? Perhaps you enjoy waking up sleepy. Maybe you enjoy the thrill of being unable to stay awake during work meetings or while driving. And you relish in waking up during the middle of the night taking 30 minutes to return to your slumber. Look no one has the right to judge you. We all like we what we like. 

Now there maybe a small percentage of you reading this and saying to yourself, what if getting a bit more sleep might be helpful? Below, we have reluctantly compiled some tips to help you spoiled sleepyheads:

1. Develop a consistent bedtime routine.

Routines, bleh! Okay, if you want to be a goody two shoes make efforts to go to bed and awake at the same time  every day. Consistency is key. To take things a step further, dress yourself is your own particular sleepwear before going to bed. By changing into your “sleeping clothes”, you are telling your brain that the party is over and it’s time to sleep.

Protect Your Sleep Pic 3

2. Remove sleep-stealers from your sleeping quarters.  

Where you sleep plays a big factor in how you sleep. No more distractions, the party is over! Turn off the lights and keep away from the electronics before bed. Essentially no fun before bed, the TV must be off and the computer out of the room at least 30 minutes before sleeping. Yes, cellphones are included in this piece of guidance. Don’t bothering trying to find loopholes as it will defeat the purpose. Remove all distractions before bed. 

Protect Your Sleep Pic 2

3. Drink less, exercise more. 

Supposedly you’ve been lied to; alcohol allegedly does not help you sleep better. Also,  my caffeine drinkers, you’re in trouble too. It takes about six hours or more for the body to get rid of caffeine so you should not be drinking caffeinated drinks before bed. It’s recommended that you exercise for better nighttime sleep too. Surprise, surprise the exercise is strongly recommended. 

Protecting Your Sleep Pic 4

4. Stop Stressing Before Bed

Don’t try to manage stressful situations before bed. You’ll just be creating tension within yourself and increase your heart rate before your period of rest. In short, handle your issues long before bed.

Well, hopefully these tips have helped. Remember Sleep is an important part of Protecting Your Immune System Vehicle. Please understand that these articles are meant to be tongue-in-cheek and our intention is to provide you valuable information in a humorous way. Thanks again from Randy Roberts Insurance Agency-We’re the Insurances Centered Around You.


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