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Stop Drinking Sugary Calories

Stop Drinking Sugary Calories pic 1

Friend 1: “Water or Vitamin Water?”

Friend 2: “Water.”

Friend 1: “But Vitamin Water is flavored!”

Friend 2: “That’s because it has sugar”

Friend 1: “Oh?”

Friend 2: “Yup”

Your delicious Frappé in the morning, the sweet taste of Dr. Pepper at lunch, and that Orange Power smoothie at night are filled with sugar. Coffees, sodas, gatorades, smoothies, and all the other drinks that isn’t just plain water has sugar. With sugar comes lots of calories. Being equipped with this knowledge does not mean you should remove these drinks from your diet. Perhaps you can scale back a little or try some alternatives. Without being too preachy, I implore you to remember that not everything that tastes good to you is good for you and everything in moderation.

So What’s Wrong With Sugary Calories

Let’s start with some data:

Beverage  Calories Grams of Sugar
Soda 151 39
Sweetened Iced Tea 143 34
Fruit Punch 175 42
Lemondade 148 37
Sports Drink 118 23

You’re probably looking at the number of calories here and saying oh that’s not so bad. Well, let me put things in perspective for you. If you were to run 1 mile, you would only burn off roughly 130-150 calories. Let me be more clear. Running 1 mile only burns off the amount of calories equivalent to a can of soda. So running that mile does nothing for the other calories that come from foods or the other sugary drinks you’ve consumed that day. It’s easy to see how the calories can add up really quickly. Always remember. the more calories you consumed opposed to burn will lead to weight gain.

Stop Drinking Sugary Calories pic 2

Next, sugary drinks do not make you feel full. What tends to happen more often than not is you’ll consume the sugary beverage with food. The truth is that drinking calories does not cause the body to release fullness signals the same way that food does. So you might be drinking a sugary beverage to avoid eating but your body does not recognize this and as a consequence, you never get that full feeling. Before long, you’ll end up eating and drinking resulting in you taking in more sugary calories than you ever intended.

Do you know what nutritional value sugary drinks offer? None. Flat out zero. In fact, constant consumption of sport drinks and sodas tend to negatively impact your health. You’re essentially filling your body with non-nutritiousness material that causes your health systems to work harder to expel said material. These sugary drinks can cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to rise, while damaging your metabolism. I mean these beverages taste good but the trade off of a tasty drink for irreparable health damage just doesn’t seem fair. 

Stop Drinking Sugary Calories pic 3

What Can You Drink Instead?

You could aways just drink water to avoid the aforementioned problems. Now this seems way too simplistic and obnoxious of an answer, so I looked up some alternatives for you. Perhaps, you can start with teas as they have become a popular beverage of choice in the last few years. Green Teas, in particular, have zero calories. There are other herbal teas, such as peppermint and black tea with zero calories that are tasty alternatives. You can also drink seltzer water or club soda. So please please please, be aware that you have options. I don’t want you to leave this post feeling dejected. On the off chance that switching to these types of beverages seems too challenging a task for you, try cutting back on the sugary drinks. The less sugary drinks means the less sugary calories for you to consume. 

As always, thanks for reading and we can continue this conversation below in the chat box. Tell me your preferred zero or low calorie beverages.


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