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Quality Health Insurance in Ephrata, PA Can Be Affordable

Throughout the south central Pennsylvania region, from Ephrata to Eden to Neffsville, and Brownstown, we have a caring experienced team with the answers you're looking for on getting affordable health insurance. For over 10 years our agents at HealthMarkets have been meeting the needs of many varied Ephrata customers by custom tailoring individual health insurance plans for both individuals and families.

It's no hidden truth that times are rapidly changing largely due to the influx of technology into the healthcare industry. Most people really need a partner to help guide them through the constantly evolving health marketplace landscape. We're fully equipped and experienced to help you and your friends and family with any questions or concerns you may have about the health insurance marketplace We'll shop the best health insurance companies for you by getting your input to suit your specific needs. One of our team members will set up a free consultation to walk you through the process of helping you easily shop for health insurance. We'll make sure all your bases are covered.

What's Coming Down the Pike in Health Insurance & How is it Affecting Ephrata the Region?

Get Affordable Health Insurance Plans in Ephrata PA

The seemingly ever increasing costs of health care insurance/coverage in the US and locally in Ephrata over the last few years has been a necessary but disturbing topic for many people across the country as well as locally. In recent years, changes have enabled states, not just Pennsylvania but others as well, to apply for special waivers from Obama's Affordable Care Act or the ACA. These waivers have become quite popular as they allow access to forms and/or providers of affordable health insurance for families. When the ACA was put into place, these waivers were in place and available, but they were then retracted after the public's initial exposure to the ACA. When they were pulled, the available list of health insurance companies was reduced drastically. The consequences of this were it became quite difficult to find and compare health plans that provided good coverage and which were also cost effective for individuals and families. There were and still are individuals who have zero interest in paying high rates originally set forward by the Obamacare mandate and even at times now by other market factors. These folks were and in some cases still are the ignored the Affordable Care Act does not provide any alternatives or relief for. Many Pennsylvanians simply do not have enough income to afford high or even moderate health insurance costs. Now with new options and the help of the waivers, there are new low cost plan options that can be tailored for these people.

Leading the Ephrata Healthcare Charge with New Technology

The landscape of healthcare is ever changing with the implementation of new and developing technologies. Doctors have the ability to diagnose and treat the problems that are plaguing the Ephrata area with new and exciting techniques that allow for a smoother process and a shorter down time. With the emergence of electronic medical records (EMR's) becoming the norm it is granting a better level of care to all at a lower cost. New technologies such as robotic assisted arms, lasers, and laparoscopic surgery have dramatically lowered the risk involved in many procedures. The introduction of smart phones has also altered the doctor patient relationship. Having the ability to ask questions and receive timely medical advice all at the convenience of not leaving your home is truly a game changing break through.

Insurance With Access to Urgent Care in Ephrata

These days the wasted hours of sitting in an emergency room for hours on end because you didn't have another option are gone. The prevalence of Urgent Care, Immediate Care, and Express Care facilities have given Ephrata and other nearby residents many options. They can now receive emergency care quickly, affordably, and locally. Many previously unavailable procedures are now readily available at a plethora of locations. Even in the recent past, comparable treatment options were only available at hospitals. Local Ephrata natives often see these Urgent care providers as affordable, convenient, and perhaps in some cases lifesaving. These facilities are also often covered by many of the common healthcare benefit plans sold. This has a double effect. It can greatly reduce the demand on busy emergency rooms, sparing them from having to take on such heavy burdens. It may also give other ways to treat to less threatening health concerns.

Gap Insurance for Ephrata Locals
Life can be quite unpredictable and throws curves at you, often when we least want or expect it. This of course is not exclusive to Ephrata. Often people are out of work or between jobs without a free health insurance option in place to replace the job that once covered the costs. Many people aren't sure where to go to access the best short term health insurance for a cost they can handle while out of work. Similarly, young adults graduating from universities who looking to start careers may not have the funds for insurance payments. Thankfully they are generally allowed to remain on their family's health plan until the age of 26. Unfortunately in some cases, both of these situations can be times where individual health insurance isn't provided. To make matters worse, the ACA pulled Gap Insurance which would have helped many of these people through their times of need and uncertainty. Be aware that there is now good news! These gap health insurance policies were put back into place and are once again available to those who need them. Short term health insurance for self-employed and unemployed persons are available to aid families in tough times. These gap health policies are accessible for up to a year and can be re-upped for up to three years.

The Business of Healthcare

Big changes in operations within major health insurance companies in the USA are leading to many new options and in cases more benefit rich or cost effective healthcare benefit plans. Both National and regional Ephrata healthcare providers and insurance companies are mimicking other large healthcare mergers to improve the cost efficiency matters of creating packaged medical insurance. If you haven't noticed, finding accurate insurance cost estimator(s) is not easy; particularly those that don't slam you with 30-40 calls a day after you fill in your information. The fruits of consolidation are generally reducing unnecessary duplication of an unneeded health benefit plan, and improving the efficient management of patient health care. Perhaps the most well know recent example of a prominent merger was the joining of Aetna and CVS. In many cases, companies are looking to merge services with friendly business partners in order to bring about better healthcare at reduced costs.

Make the Best Choice for Great Health Care in Ephrata PA

Our team will guide you in making the most informed decision on short term health insurance quotes or long term options that may be appropriate for your current situation. Our consultations and services are offered at no cost to you. We're free to everyone and always available. Because we communicate directly with the best, national insurance providers, we can provide you with the most comprehensive health coverage available. We have full access to plans both inside and outside of the ACA and State exchanges, and we stay up on the specs of all offerings. We bring the best available, affordable health insurance to Ephrata residents and the surrounding area patrons. We work hard to accomplish this every day.

Our Agency handles all the following types of insurance in Ephrata:
• Individual & Family Health Insurance
• Medicare Plans
• Medicare Advantage Plans
• Medicare Supplemental Insurance
• Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
• Small Business Health Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Vision Insurance
• Critical Illness Insurance
• Disability Insurance
• Accident Insurance
• Long-Term Care Insurance
• Wellness Products

Available Ephrata Providers
• Highmark (ACA and non ACA)
• Capital Blue Cross (ACA and non ACA)
• Geisinger (ACA and non ACA)
• Aetna
• United Healthcare
• Faith Based plans

Health Insurance Definitions You Need to Be Familiar with in Ephrata

This is the amount the insured has to pay before the insurance starts to kick in and take up the remaining costs. A policy with a higher deductible would have lower monthly premium

Once the insurance begins to pay, many don't understand they still share a percentage of costs with the insurance company. In most cases the insurer pays 80% of the costs and the insured bears the remaining 20%. However, when you reach a maximum "out of pocket" limit, the insurance covers 100% of medical costs.

For each visit to your Ephrata physician or healthcare provider the insured pays a fee which can vary depending on the doctor seen and the facility attended. If one stays within a specified area or network the fee is less. Consulting with a specialist will usually cost more.

Prescription Plan
Many plans only offer prescription coverage in Ephrata and other areas as additional insurance for an additional premium. If the insured must take several medications then this coverage is something they should have. Insurers often pay 100% or only have a small copayment if a generic drug is chosen. Most costly name-brand drugs may have higher copayments.

Supplemental Plans
There are several kinds of supplemental plans for specific Ephrata healthcare issues like dental and vision. Each of these has a wide range of options for the amount of coverage the insured may want or need. Other supplemental plans are available for those who need extended nursing care or rehabilitation services. An Income Protection plan can replace lost income if you cannot work for an extended period of time.

What is Obamacare?
An informal term for a federal law intended to improve access to health insurance for US citizens. The official name of the law is the Affordable Care Act or in full the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Affordable Care Act Summary
The comprehensive health care reform law enacted in March 2010.The law provides consumers with subsidies that lower costs for households with incomes between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty level.

Question - Does state farm sell dental insurance?
Through a marketing alliance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, your State Farm® agent may be able to help you with individual medical insurance coverage. Having your own individual health insurance agent can allow you access to the most affordable options.

Questions on Types of blue cross blue shield insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield is committed to giving you the best experience while you shop for health insurance. Be aware that we provide you with more accurate quotes than their cost estimator to create a customized plan that works for you and your family. Our main objective is to create affordable health insurance for families in Ephrata.

• Individual
• Group
• Family

What type of health insurance is Medicare?
Medicare is the federal government program that provides health care coverage (health insurance) if you are 65+, under 65 and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for a certain amount of time, or under 65 and with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

What is not covered by Medicare?
Some of the items and services that Medicare doesn't cover in Ephrata include: Long-term care (also called Custodial care). Most dental care. Eye exams related to prescribing glasses.

Do I need health insurance in Ephrata if I have Medicare?
If you have Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance), you're considered covered under the health care law and don't need a Marketplace plan.

Note - If you are enrolled only in Medicare Part B, you aren't considered to have qualifying health coverage. This means you may have to pay the fee for the last plan year and earlier.

The Right Insurance Plan in Ephrata, PA for You!
Our experienced team will break down the options, plans, and details for you to truly know, "What is my health insurance going to cost?" You anticipate frequent use or just want to set up a health plan for the lowest limits. We use a realtime quoting engine, not some inaccurate cost estimator. Our agents can determine your monthly payments with pinpoint accuracy by altering different parts of your insurance plan accroding to your input. We can even give you multiple quotes for comparison. We can readily see how substantial your savings can be. The team at HealthMarkets & the Keystone Health Group can help you to rest easy, knowing that you and your family are covered for the lowest possible cost with the best coverage.

The team at the Keystone Insurance Group is waiting to introduce you to one of our individual health insurance agents and to shop the best insurance for you. We'll help you to find the best insurance plan for your healthcare needs. The prime mover at our agency is to eliminate the gaps in your coverage while providing the best affordable options available. Isn't protecting your family one of the most important things in your eyes. Our goal is to help you do it on the budget that works for you. We're working to bring the Ephrata residents of Pennsylvania the best options and coverage possible.

Call us at the Keystone Insurance Group. We can be reached at (267) 999-1010. Let us find the right insurance in Ephrata, PA 17522 for you.

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