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Pennsylvania Opens New State Health Insurance Market/Exchange Nov 1 2020

What You Need to Know About Pennie, Including It's Limitations

Pennsylvania has created a new state Health Insurance Exchange in the hopes of providing a better and cheaper alternative to private insurance and the Federal ACA exchange.

What Does Pennie Mean for You and Other Pennsylvania Residents?

From what we've seen so far, there are more plan offerings than there have been in the last few years, but deductibles overall are quite a bit higher with most plans. So this is definitely something we consider when we are shopping your best health plan options.

Lack of Knowledge = Higher Prices and Less Insurance Coverage

At first glance, Pennie is much simpler than the ACA ever was to sign up for and shop. However, even though it may seem simple to use at first, very often people still need help when starting out or when things happen or change in their healthcare situation.

Most People Can Do Better

Most people don't understand they could do much better in their overall health insurance cost and coverage by getting a custom tailored insurance plan. And there is still no cost up front to tap into our experience doing exactly that.

By and large people don't understand how to custom tailor their health and supplemental coverage, by structuring personalized monthly payments, prescription coverage, deductibles, and othe rvariables; or that this is even possible. For the most part, it isn't possible through the exchanges, because people aren't able to tap all the resources we can tap to get you the best coverage and price. Even if they could they don't have a deep knowledge of the system and how to best navigate it, so efforts fall way short of the ideal health coverage.

More About Pennie, the New Pennsylvania Health Insurance Marketplace

The name of the new entity is called Pennie, and the stated purpose of the new state-based health insurance marketplace, is to improve accessibility to as well as affordability of individual health coverage for Pennsylvania residents.

Pennie's initial aims are as follows:

  • To provide a seamless transition for people who had previously been using HealthCare.gov
  • To improve access to healthcare for all Pennsylvanians
  • To lower healthcare costs and premiums
  • To ensure excellent customer assistance throughout the enrollment process

The Purported Benefits of a PA Health Marketplace

According to it's proponents, running a state-based health marketplace is less costly than HealthCare.gov. Pennie administrators say that the cost savings realized will be used to reduce premiums through the Pennsylvania Reinsurance Program. This program is a partnership with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. It is hoped that the program's local control of daily and strategic operations will provide and accessible and helpful customer service experience that addresses the unique needs of the people of Pennsylvania.

Schedule With Us to Learn More About Pennie

People who are looking to apply and enroll in 2021 health coverage through Pennie should call us and visit the website. The Open Enrollment Period runs from November 1, 2020 through January 15, 2021.

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